Plane Handling Ltd steps up Amicus VMS implementation
B.A.S.E.A appoints Mike Bradshaw to the Board Of Directors

Since installing the Amicus VMS in Signature Flight Support`s fleet of vehicles last summer, we have seen a significant decrease in damage to all vehicles which subsequently increased productivity from all vehicles whilst not being in the workshop and a pleasing fall in repair costs incurred.

The system is particularly user friendly and the incorporated reporting function is a useful time saving tool.

Terry Webb GSE Coordinator & Safety Trainer EMEA



A very warm welcome to the Amicus VMS website.
The Amicus VMS (Vehicle Management System) sets new standards in vehicle and driver monitoring and data logging. Covering 4 main industry sectors, the Amicus VMS system is a unique and versatile information support tool that saves valuable time, money and company resource.
Amicus VMS offers a new level of versatility and intelligence in information management. The system  has been designed to address all issues relating to the effective and efficient management of vehicles and drivers. The system offers many outstanding benefits, including:-

    Improved productivity and efficiency
   Cost Efficiency
   Health & Safety compliance
   Enhanced vehicle security and vehicle tracking
   Journey and driver monitoring
   Accurate business and private mileage records
   Taxation savings
   Potentially reduce insurance costs
   Simplified company car taxation process
   Greater fuel efficiency
   Environmental benefits

Irrespective of the sector in which your vehicles operate, Amicus VMS keeps you in control with an unparalleled range of driver and vehicle-related information.

If you canít measure it Ö you canít manage it.

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